Saturday, February 10, 2007

Above are pictures of my dream knife..
Ernie Emerson Custom Full-Dress CQC 6!!..No-Date SPECWAR logo'ed, Damascus Blade, Satin Hardware, Polished Titanium Bolsters, and Brilliant Mother-Of-Pearl Handle slabs!!...What else could one ask for??

Oh well, Can't afford that piece now though.. Will be saving for one soon though..haha...currently, i have 2 pieces coming in, not exactly sure which one i will end up with though. First piece is a Custom Diamond-Logo'ed CQC 7, Bolstered, and with thick liners, and Micarta Handle slabs, thanks to Spyken!..The second piece is a piece i'm bidding for on E-Bay, and as of now, i'm the current high bidder at US$1026. That is a Custom SPECWAR logo'ed CQC 6....and is a true LEFTY!!...

*Southpaws Unite!!*

Well, I'm not too sure which one i will eventually end up with, but just gotta say that knife wise, things are looking good!...

p.s: I've also got Satin hardware being shipped in from Ernie, to replace the faded BT hardware on my CQC 9..I simply love the CQC 9! rawks as an EDC...haha...the kids prefer my Super-Commander though..because of the Wave feature..


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