Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some pictures of my latest acquisition in blades..I present to you the CQC9, also known as the Eagle.

Some information about this knife.

The maker is Ernest R. Emerson, Emerson. Ernie, as he is often affectionately called, is well known among elite military and police agencies throughout the world as their knifemaker of choice for the finest in tactical and hard use, edged weaponry. Based on the 27th Edition of "Annual Knives 2007", these are the characteristics of Ernie's knives. The tactical combat folding knife blades are generally are constructed out of ATS34, or 154cm, and have a Machine-Satin appearance. Handles are generally constructed of either of the following two options:

a): Black G-10 Handle Scales over Titanium Liner Lock and Liner;
b:) Titanium Bolsters + Green Linen Micarta over Titanium Liner Lock and Liner.

A brief history of the design for the CQC9 (Close Quarter Combat Model 9) folder. It was originally designed for the DEA who requested a crop harvesting blade which could be used as a weapon should the need arise. Of all the CQC folders, the CQC9 is the rarest of the series. The rarest CQC9 variant comes in the form of Black Hand-Sculpted Micarta Scales, Black-coated Blade, and with Serrations.

Well, I haven't had the time to do an in-depth review, but ever since getting it from "Spyken", I have been EDC-ing it everyday. Physically, the knife is rather small, compared to my EKI Super-Commander, but upon toting it for the past 1 month plus, i would say it makes an excellent EDC blade carried for SD. It compares favourably with one of my previous favourites, the MOD Ladyhawk.

In terms of the fit and finish, I am pretty much satisfied. The Blade is perfectly centred, and feels absolutely solid, with no lateral or vertical blade play. One nice touch i really appreciate is that the inner part of the Spyderhole is actually coated black, as are the 16 grooves on the thumb ramp. Liners are both beadblasted, and give the handles a nice warm look to them. My only gripe lies with the handle Pivot screws, and the handle screws. The paint always fades.. something which is common to Emerson knives, both Custom and Production alike. But other than that, i absolutely love this knife. Guess that kinda concludes my mini-review. Hope it was a good read!


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